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Kota Takeuchi, Arts Catalyst exhibition image, 2016
Thu 7 July 2016 - Fri 29 July 2016
Kota Takeuchi will be artist in residency at Arts Catalyst's Centre during July 2016. His residency... more
Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson, Courageous, 2016
Fri 17 June 2016 - Sat 13 August 2016
Material Nuclear Culture is an exhibition exploring the material traces and cultural legacy of... more
Lines of Flight, An Atomic Memoir by Julie Salverson
Thu 1 September 2016
Julie Salverson reads from her new book, Lines of Flight: An Atomic Memoir, is a memoir of atomic... more
Fog Sculpture, by Fujiko Nakaya engulfing the pavilion. Photo by Fujiko Nakaya, courtesy E.A.T
Thu 22 September 2016 - Sat 29 October 2016
An exhibition chronicling the history of Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.), the group who... more
James Acord | Lise Autogena | Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson | Dave Griffiths | Erika Kobayashi | David Mabb | Cécile Massart | Yelena Popova | Susan Schuppli | Kota Takeuchi | Thomson & Craighead | Suzanne Treister | Andy Weir | Ken + Julia Yonetani | Erich Berger and Mari Keto | Shuji Akagi | Don’t Follow the Wind | Isao Hashimoto | Shimpei Takeda | Robert Williams | Bryan McGovern Wilson | Eva and Franco Mattes
Bildmuseet, Umeå Arts Campus, photo by Johan Gunséus, 2012
Sun 2 October 2016 - Sun 16 April 2017
An exhibition of contemporary art in the nuclear Anthropocene exploring the complexity of knowledge... more
Mirror Dome Room at the Pepsi Pavilion, at Expo ’70, Osaka Japan, Photo Shunk-Kender
Fri 7 October 2016
Exactly fifty years after the legendary 9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering, Arts Catalyst revisits... more


Tue 17 May 2016 - Mon 17 April 2017
A curatorial research project led by Ele Carpenter, associate curator at Arts Catalyst, in... more
Graveyard of Lost Species, YoHa and Critical Art Ensemble, 2015, photograph Simon Fowler
Tue 7 July 2015 - Mon 23 July 2018
An ambitious collaborative project and public monument by artists YoHa and Critical Art Ensemble in... more
Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths College, University of London, 2016
Sun 1 May 2016 - Sat 30 June 2018
Arts Catalyst announces Everyday Urbanism: Architecture as Social Process, a multi-year research... more

projects From the archive

Thu 30 July 2015 - Sun 30 August 2015
A new commission by Ariel Guzik for Edinburgh Art Festival 2015. ‘Holoturian’ is an underwater... more
Sat 6 December 2014 - Sun 1 March 2015
Ice Lab presents some of the most innovative and progressive examples of contemporary architecture... more
Sat 21 June 2014 - Fri 1 August 2014
The spectacular SEFT-1 is a road and rail vehicle created by Mexican artists and brothers Ivan Puig... more
HeHe | Helen Evans
Thu 13 June 2013 - Sun 15 September 2013
Fracking Futures - a spectacular artwork and mini-disaster by the Paris-based artist duo Hehe, (... more
Anne Bean | Miles Chalcraft | Simon Faithfull | Flow Motion | Stefan Gec | Luke Jerram | Zina Kaye | Tim Knowles | Marko Peljhan | Louise K Wilson
Chair, floating above earth.
Sun 12 September 2004
A day of art and flying in and around Europe's largest wind tunnel.Airshow used the then deserted... more

Recent Projects & Events

Everyday Urbanism: Architecture as Social Practice, 2016
Sat 25 June 2016
As part of Everyday Urbanism: Architecture as Social Process postgraduate students from Goldsmiths... more
A Public Hearing, How to Speak, 2016
Sat 11 June 2016
As part of Arts Catalyst's current programme A Public Hearing, MA students from the Centre for... more
Arts Catalyst Centre for Art, Science and Technology, 2016
Thu 2 June 2016 - Fri 24 June 2016
Arts Catalyst announces Everyday Urbanism: Architecture as Social Process, a three year research... more
A Public Hearing – Technologies of Belonging, Arts Catalyst, 2016
Sat 28 May 2016
Calling all residents, workers and communities of Cromer Street and Kings Cross, come and share... more
Take Stone Monuments Twice, Kota Takeuchi
Sat 16 July 2016
Artist Kota Takeuchi in conversation with curator and writer Eiko Honda chaired by artist Kaori... more
Andy Freeman, Citizen Science Workshop, Notes from the Field, 2016
Sat 27 February 2016
Artist and technologist Andy Freeman has been invited to contribute to Notes from the Field:... more