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Fri 19 May 2017 - Sat 15 July 2017
Arts Catalyst presents two exhibitions and a season of events reflecting on disaster, displacement... more
Fri 19 May 2017 - Sat 15 July 2017
The curatorial collective Don’t Follow the Wind (Chim↑Pom, Kenji Kubota, Eva and Franco Mattes,... more
Fukushima exclusion zone, Project Fukushima! Film Still by Hikaru Fujii (2011)
Fri 19 May 2017 - Sat 15 July 2017
Project Fukushima! was instigated by musicians Yoshihide Otomo and Michiro Endo, as well as the... more
Wed 31 May 2017
Sabu Kohso, political and social critic, scholar and activist, and Arts Catalyst’s artistic... more
Anti nuclear power protests in Kouenji, Matthias Lambrecht 2011
Wed 31 May 2017
Political and social critic, scholar and activist, Sabu Kohso, will give a lecture and then be in... more
Consequences, Kerri Meehan and Alex Ressel, 2017
Sat 17 June 2017
Nuclear material is hazardous to living beings at all stages of the nuclear supply chain, from... more
Fri 26 May 2017 - Mon 30 September 2019
Test Sites is Arts Catalyst’s series of inquiries into matters of concern connected with... more
Performance by Martin O'Brien, Taste of Flesh / Bite Me I'm Yours, 2015
Sat 13 May 2017 - Sun 25 June 2017
Trust Me, I’m an Artist is a group exhibition of nine artists’ works that examine ethical... more
Tunnel entrance in mountain
Sat 1 October 2016 - Mon 1 January 2018
Arts Catalyst hosts this artist-led research project by Fiona Crisp, who is using non-documentary... more


Graveyard of Lost Species, YoHa and Critical Art Ensemble, 2015, photograph Simon Fowler
Tue 7 July 2015 - Mon 23 July 2018
An ambitious collaborative project and public monument by artists YoHa and Critical Art Ensemble in... more

projects From the archive

Fri 24 March 2017 - Sat 22 April 2017
In a month-long exhibition and inquiry, Arts Catalyst looks at artists’ practices that explore the... more
Mirror Dome Room at the Pepsi Pavilion, at Expo ’70, Osaka Japan, Photo Shunk-Kender
Thu 22 September 2016 - Sat 31 December 2016
Arts Catalyst presents 9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering Revisited 1966/2016, including a night... more
Thu 30 July 2015 - Sun 30 August 2015
A new commission by Ariel Guzik for Edinburgh Art Festival 2015. ‘Holoturian’ is an underwater... more
Fri 24 March 2017
Are discord and disagreement necessarily divisive forces or can they be positive or formative –... more
Wed 19 April 2017
Media history is millions, even billions, of years old, argues media theorist Jussi Parikka. To... more

Recent Projects & Events

Wed 5 April 2017
In this workshop, we will explore different ways in which artistic and cultural practices... more
Sat 1 April 2017
 Artist Melanie Jackson and writer Angus Cameron discuss the demons that have populated the... more
Fri 21 April 2017
A day of meetings and discussions reflecting on the Inter-Pacific Ring Tribunal (INTERPRT) project... more
James Acord | Lise Autogena | Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson | Dave Griffiths | Erika Kobayashi | David Mabb | Cécile Massart | Yelena Popova | Susan Schuppli | Thomson & Craighead | Suzanne Treister | Andy Weir | Ken + Julia Yonetani | Erich Berger and Mari Keto | Shuji Akagi | Don’t Follow the Wind | Isao Hashimoto | Shimpei Takeda | Robert Williams | Bryan McGovern Wilson | Eva and Franco Mattes
Sun 2 October 2016 - Sun 16 April 2017
An exhibition of contemporary art in the nuclear Anthropocene exploring the complexity of knowledge... more
Tue 17 May 2016 - Mon 17 April 2017
A curatorial research project led by Ele Carpenter, associate curator at Arts Catalyst, in... more
Sat 21 June 2014 - Fri 1 August 2014
The spectacular SEFT-1 is a road and rail vehicle created by Mexican artists and brothers Ivan Puig... more
Tue 14 February 2017 - Sun 19 March 2017
Curator Warren Harper and artist James Ravinet have been selected for a research programme in Japan... more