Test Sites: Poole Harbour

Credit: F-Utility Unit by Neal White (An Experimental Field Utility Unit in the desert space of The Great Basin). Dugway Proving Ground, Utah, USA. 2010.

Test Sites is Arts Catalyst’s series of inquiries into matters of concern connected with environmental change – such as flooding, pollution, and species loss – and their impact on local and their impact on local culture and the health and wellbeing of our ecosystems and ourselves. At each site, we invite local people to be part of art-led co-inquiries, working with artists, scientists, and other experts.

Arts Catalyst is working with artist Neal White and architects Spud Group in and around Poole Harbour and on Brownsea Island, in collaboration with Bournemouth University, University of Westminster, Dorset Wildlife Trust and the Arts Development Company. In Summer 2017, Arts Catalyst is organising a series of workshops and platforms that will bring together artists, scientists, and local and situated knowledge, ideas, and materials/resources, to activate collaboration from a range of knowledge disciplines.

More information about the workshops and summer camp will be announced here and through our mailing list.

The project will gather pace during 2018 and 2019 with  workshops, residencies, sitatuated knowledge and citizen science research leading to the creation of site-specific artworks, events, and alternative archives of knowledge.