‘Genetic Astrology’? Exaggerations and Errors in Commercial DNA Ancestry Testing

As part of the Genetic Automata exhibition programme, join us for an evening talk with evolutionary geneticist Mark Thomas, aiming to unpack some of the science and myth surrounding DNA ancestry testing.

One of the leading evolutionary geneticists in the world, Thomas is a passionate advocate for the astonishing knowledge that we can gain from science about our origins, but an equally enthusiastic debunker of more scientifically dubious claims of some commercial DNA Ancestry testing companies - coining the phrase “genetic astrology” to describe these.

Tickets £5, booking essential

Mark Thomas is Professor of Evolutionary Genetics at University College London and works mainly on biological and cultural aspects of human evolution. He uses computer simulation and statistical modelling to make inferences from genetic data – including ancient DNA – and archaeological information, on processes such as past migrations and dispersals, natural selection – particularly in response to changes in diet and infectious disease loads – and how demography shapes cultural evolution.