Bobbie Farsides

Bobbie Farsides is Professor of Clinical and Biomedical Bioethics at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. She has been teaching and researching in the field of clinical biomedical ethics for over twenty years. Her research is primarily focused on ethical issues relating to healthcare, especially ante-natal screening and testing, reproductive technologies, palliative care and issues around death and dying. She is particularly interested in the experience of health care professionals operating in ethically contested fields of healthcare and has conducted research in areas as diverse as stem cell research, fetal medicine and organ transplantation. Prof. Farsides also has an interest in the application of biomedical ethics theory to the development of public policy.

She is a member of of a number of national ethics committees including the UK Donation Ethics Committee, the BMA Ethics committee and the Ethics Advisory Group for the Genomics England. Most recently her work has been focused on ethical issues relating to children and young people as patients and/or participants in medical research. She chaired the Nuffield Council on Bioethic's working party on Children and Clinical Research and is a member of the NICE guidance writing group on Children and End of Life Care.

With her ex-PhD student Susi Bull, Prof. Farsides co-pioneered the Rapid Ethical Assessment methodology for information provision and consent processes in developing countries, most recently focusing on consent for genome wide association studies in Ethiopia. She's also been the lead ethicist for the overall Trust Me, I'm an Artist programme and has chaired a number of the ethics panels at Trust Me events.