Gjino Sutic

Gjino Sutic is an innovator, inventor, scientist, artist and Director of the Universal Research Institute in Zagreb, Croatia. The institute was founded to promote free and independent scientific research and development of innovations – championing DIY cuture, freedom of knowledge and learning. The main areas of research conducted at the institute are fields of life science such as cutting edge bioelectronics, nanotechnology and medicine.

As an inventor and artist, Gjino believes his early inspiration came from experiencing laboratories in cartoons and Disney films. His work has it's roots in DIY biohacking or ‘Biotweaking’, which he defines as the act of improving biological organisms on any level, by available means, to exhibit and use to their full potential.

In 2015 he did a presentation of his work at our Living Assemblies workshop, where he showcased projects including algae lights, Microbial-membrane speakers, and biomechatronical musical instruments. He is also developing his own pharmaceuticals.