Greer Furniss- Coates

A white woman with long auburn hair smiles at the camera. She has on red lipstick and is pictured in a brightly lit room during the day
Greer Furniss

Greer Furniss-Coates has worked in the mental health and family voluntary sector for 15 years in Sheffield. She now works as a Finance and HR Officer for Chilypep Ltd – a South Yorkshire based young people's empowerment project, and Sheffield Flourish – a digital mental health charity.

Greer studied Accounting and Financial management at the University of Sheffield and graduated in 2017. Greer is passionate about empowering and supporting people to thrive and get the best out of their lives, despite the circumstances they may find themselves in. She cares about the environment and the world we live in, and is enthused by the way that art can help to bring people together to help understand and tackle some of the environmental issues the world is facing.