Liliane Lijn

Illustrated image of Lijn's idea to write on the moon using a laser beam.
Liliane Lijn, Republic of the Moon, moonmeme

Liliane Lijn has worked across media – kinetic sculpture, film, performance and collage – to explore language, mythology and the relationship between light and matter. In 2005, Lijn was ACE NASA, Leonardo Network artist in residence at the Space Sciences Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley. In 2013, Lijn was one of the six artists short-listed to produce a sculpture for the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square. Public commissions include Solar Beacon, a solar installation in collaboration with astrophysicist, John Vallerga on the two towers of the Golden Gate Bridge and Light Pyramid, a beacon for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Milton Keynes.

In 2014, Arts Catalyst commissioned a group of artists to declare a Republic of the Moon here on Earth, to re-examine our relationship with our planet’s only natural satellite. Lilians’s moonmeme explored the repeating cycle of the Moon’s phases, projecting the word 'SHE', an epithet for the Moon, onto the lunar surface so the letters slowly emerge and then disappear as it wanes. Liliane worked with an astronomer to present a real-time animation of the projection accompanied by a sound work.

Liliane Lijn's comments

I enjoyed working with Arts Catalyst during both iterations of the Republic of the Moon. My view is that science generally speaking provides the most interesting and rich field for both inspiration and research because it is where an artist can come close both to nature and to a more abstract reality on many different scales. I am interested in both large and infinitely small scale phenomena. I am at present collaborating with an astrophysicist in California on a large scale installation in the landscape using the sun. We have developed highly sophisticated software enabling us to control solar projections. The collaboration is ongoing now for ten years and I am constantly learning.

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