Lisa Ma

Lisa Ma, photo Fred Debrock
Lisa Ma, photo Fred Debrock

By combining fringe communities, ethnographic research and speculative design, Lisa Ma socializes activism through unusual platforms of engagement. These social events are perceived as activism but function as services and deeply resonate with the global technological community.

For the city of Ghent, Lisa created a culture of consuming the invasive species that 'The Vegetarian Capital of Europe', would otherwise pay to poison. Belgium spent nearly a million Euros for the humane killing of invasive geese in 2013. Lisa brought together a community that included the mayoral office, scientists, chefs, ecologists, urban planners and the Belgian National Station Canvas TV, to explore the clash of values between the killing of animals for our environment and the killing of animals for our foods.

Lisa has been invited to partake in a research residency in 2016, as part of Arts Catalyst's multi-faceted project Notes from the Field: Commoning Practices in Art and Science.

Lisa holds a MA in Design Interactions at Royal College of Art in London and BA from Central Saint Martins. She worked as a designer/strategist with Pentagram and Deutsche Telekom's Creation Centre before making collaboration projects with TED Global in Edinburgh, Kanvas TV in Belgium and Broadway with Arts Council. She also lectures widely and writes about speculative design in molecular cuisine books and invasive science magazines.