Marcus Ahlers

Near Earth participants sing with Jerry Dammers Spatial AKA Orchestra, 2006
Jerry Dammers Orchestra, Near Earth.
Marcus Ahlers is an artist from New York, who obtained a Masters of Fine Art at Maryland College of Art in Baltimore, USA in 2002. In 2004, Marcus Ahlers worked at Castle Community College in Kent as part of an interdisciplinary arts-science curriculum project ‘The Lab’. The artists worked within three main themes, Transformation: Sound and Electronics, The Changing Nature of Materials and (Un)Natural Selection: biodiversity to biotechnology. Ahlers taught the pupils how to build Solar Puddles and Solar Cells, and explored their practical applications. A Solar Puddle, consisting of a shallow pool of water in the earth contained by layers of plastic tarp and insulated from below with natural materials, pasteurises water. The Solar Cell, built from junk materials such as plastic bottles and tubing, utilized natural dyes extracted from plants and converted solar energy into electrical energy. In 2008, Marcus Ahlers took part in ‘Near Earth: A Week of Space Creation’ at The Roundhouse in London. Ahlers worked within a team of artists, film-makers, dancers, musicians and theatre directors, who through a series of workshops, took young people on a journey that explored space through digital photography, animation, sound and music, drama and the performing arts. Ahlers asked; What energy will we use in space? Where will we get it? Can you create energy and can you sustain it? What will we do for energy when oil runs out? If you discovered the answer to the last question, would you become the first trillionaire? The young people made another version of The Solar Cell to collect electricity from sunlight. In 2002 Ahlerst received a Fullbright Scholarship in Berlin, Germany and is now studying a Bachelors of Science Energie und Prozesstechnik at the Technische Universität also in Berlin Germany.