Marek Kukula

Marek Kukula, National Maritime Museum, 2015
Marek Kukula, National Maritime Museum, 2015

Marek is Public Astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich and a member of the Arts Catalyst's advisory group. He obtained his PhD in Radio Astronomy at Jodrell Bank Observatory then carried out research into distant galaxies and supermassive black holes at a number of institutions including the University of Edinburgh and the Space Telescope Science Institute, home of the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. He subsequently worked for the University of Edinburgh’s Office of Lifelong Learning and as Project Manager for Researchers in Residence, a UK-wide scheme to place young researchers with secondary schools. As the Public Astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich he is part of a team of astronomy education and outreach specialists who engage with the public, schools and the media.

Marek is a judge on the Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition and was the curator of Visions of the Universe, a major exhibition on the history of astrophotography, held at Royal Museums Greenwich in 2013. He also works extensively with scientists, historians and artists to explore the cultural as well as the scientific impact of astronomical research, and in 2015 this led to the co-curation of dark frame/deep field, an exhibition at the Breese Little gallery that juxtaposed the work of six contemporary artists with vintage NASA photographs. Marek is the author of The Intimate Universe and the co-author of The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who, both published in 2015.

"Arts Catalyst challenges audiences, artists and scientists to constantly reassess the role of science and to place the scientific endeavour back into the heart of our culture. Working with their curators and artists is always an eye-opening and enriching experience, and one that has enabled me to see my own field of astronomy from new directions."
Marek Kukula, 2016



dark frame / deep field, essay and catalogue accompanying 2015 art-science exhibition at Breese Little gallery, London 
Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2014, video slideshow
Royal Observatory Greenwich