Marq Smith

Dr Marquard Smith is an academic, curator, programmer, and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Visual Culture. He's Programme Leader for the MA Museums & Galleries in Education at UCL Institute of Education, London, and Professor of Artistic Research at Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania. As a Curator, Marq's exhibitions include 'How We Became Metadata' (2010), 'The Global Archive' (2012), 'How to Construct a Time Machine' (MK Gallery, 2014), 'Solitary Pleasures' (Freud Museum 2018), and the forthcoming exhibitions 'Blood & Bones' (UCLH, 2019) and 'Fight The Power 2019/1989 (Vilnius Academy of Arts, 2019). He's written on the art, visual, material, and immaterial culture of 'the human' in capitalist modernity, and publications include The Prosthetic Aesthetic (New Formations, 2002), Stelarc: The Monograph (The MIT Press, 2005), The Prosthetic Impulse (The MIT Press, 2005), and The Erotic Doll (Yale University Press, 2014). Marq's embarking on a new project around the idea of 'human resources', on the futures (and histories) of 'the human' as a bio-informational resource.