Assembly: Extractable Matters

Image: The Cerrejon coal mine, Colombia; courtesy Richard Solly, London Mining Network
Shifting Sands #1, Sim Chi Yin / Magnum Photos
Demonstration outside Antofagasta PLC Annual General Meeting. Church House, London, England, 2013; Image courtesy Ignacio Acosta
Still from Europa: Nueva Geografía Especulación Minera. European Parliament. Ignacio Acosta, 2018
Ignacio Acosta: Satellite views of Chuquicamata corporate mining town, c. 2011. Atacama Desert, Chile
Ignacio Acosta: Satellite views of Chuquicamata corporate mining town, c. 2011. Atacama Desert, Chile

Assembly: Extractable Matters is a two-day gathering at the University of Westminster that brings together artists, academics, activists and human rights experts to collectively explore the politics of extraction across the globe and the role that its operations play on environmental, ecopolitical and societal levels.

DAY 1 (Assembly): 29 November 5.30 – 8.30pm (£5/£3 concession) BOOK
DAY 2 (London Mining Tour) 30 November 10am – 11:30pm (FREE, booking essential) BOOK
DAY 2 (Assembly) 30 November 12pm – 6pm (£8/£5 concession) BOOK
How can we understand the infrastructure of mining beyond its materiality and geography? What are the new frontiers of mining and what neocolonial patterns do they reveal? 
Together, we will collectively explore the molecular effects of mining and extractive practices on a planetary scale. We will try to disentangle these complex interdependencies – for instance, between the demand for forms of renewable energy that require the extraction of scarce resources and the disruption of ecosystems and communities – and reflect on how we might build alliances and solidarity between artists, activists, and those affected by mining industries.
Through talks, workshops and roundtable discussions, over two days we will delve into multiple case studies that expose the entanglements between extractive violence, financial networks and poisonous infrastructures. Together we will explore different forms of resistance, particularly those that seek to carve out spaces of autonomy and solidarity where the structural violence enacted through the exploitation of natural resources – of minerals, labour and cultures – can be countered.    
Assembly: Extractable Matters is organised by Arts Catalyst in partnership with CREAM, University of Westminster. It is part of Resistance Labs, a series of discursive events, workshops and broadcasts that bring to the fore existing forms of solidarity between various anti-mining movements in the context of Ignacio Acosta’s exhibition Tales from the Crust at Arts Catalyst.
Assembly: Extractable Matters, W1W 7BY
Speakers include: FRAUD, Xavier Ribas, Elena Solis (Ecologistas en Acción), Neal White, Jol Thomson, Sim Chi Yin
Light refreshments will be provided. 
10 – 11.30am banking tour led by London Mining Network (TBC)
Speakers: Lise Autogena, Bobby Banerjee, Suzanne Dhaliwal, Gaia Foundation, Que Kenny, London Mining Network, Margarida Mendes, Ainhoa Montoya, Rachel O’Reilly, Pluriversal Radio, Louise Purbrick, Xavier Ribas, Elena Solis (Ecologistas en Acción)
Lunch will be provided*
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