"For me Arts Catalyst has consistently been the community to go to for dynamic and refreshing conversation and collaborative action across the art-science space."
Dr Sylvia Nagl transdisciplinary complexity scientist who works on the interdependence of human and natural systems. Currently working on communities around the world facing water crisis (2016)

"Arts Catalyst has the confidence, persistence and integrity to stay with artists projects. An organisation with a long view and a commitment to community."
YoHa, is a partnership between artists Graham Harwood and Matsuko Yokokoji, that has powered several celebrated collaborations, establishing an international reputation for pioneering critical arts projects (2016)

"For over two decades, the Arts Catalyst has been fearlessly funding, promoting, programming, and organizing dynamic critical work that races through the fields of Art, Science, and Engineering. For anyone who wants to know where Sci-Art production and discourse are consistently being pushed beyond their current limits, the Arts Catalyst is the organization to explore."
Critical Art Ensemble, artist collective focused on the exploration of the intersections between art, critical theory, technology and political activism (2016)

"Arts Catalyst challenges audiences, artists and scientists to constantly reassess the role of science and to place the scientific endeavour back into the heart of our culture. Working with their curators and artists is always an eye-opening and enriching experience, and one that has enabled me to see my own field of astronomy from new directions."
Dr Marek Kukula, radio astronomy expert and Public Astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich (2016)

“Arts Catalyst is one of the most exciting organisations I have worked with. Their events are some of the best I have ever been to. Viva Arts Catalyst!!!!” 
Tomas Saraceno, artist and architect from Argentina, with a utopian vision for cities that float in the air, changing form and joining together like clouds (2014)

“The first Arts Catalyst event I went to was the Artists’ Airshow in 2004.  I will never forget the sight of all those people gathered at the deserted research facility in Farnborough.  Families on a day out, artists and scientists, all gathered in the abandoned wind tunnel, feeling the vibrations of a ghostly Spitfire, while outside people cheered as an unmanned surveillance plane took off on the pot-holed runway.”
Kim Evans, Arts Catalyst Trustee, (2016)

Ariel Guzik event at Edinburgh Arts Festival 2015
Image: Ariel Guzik event at Edinburgh Art Festival 2015

Over the years we have asked our audience for feedback on our workshops, exhibitions and events, and what they feel Arts Catalyst does best. Here are some of the responces: 

"It provided a vignette on living with heightened multi-sensory sensitivity to the systems of life around me...and a little sad that it was a one-off event. I would love to know how such an event could be open-sourced to work for young people of diverse backgrounds (so that they could be supported do the learning, foraging, story gathering and telling, chefing, hosting and guesting)." Anonymous, on the Talking Dirty: Tongue First! Dinner at Metal, Southend (2015)

"I like the idea of injecting cultural and philosophical concepts and ideas into future technologies. I think it is one of the only ways for society to advance peacefully and happily. It is extremely important for humans to contemplate ideas like colonization of the moon so that when it is actually feasible, we are psychologically, legally, and culturally prepared to do so." Anonymous, on We Colonised the Moon exhibition (2014)

"Arts Catalyst provides incredible opportunities for accessing work, research, artists and professionals in art/science. I particularly like the way you situate discussions and projects outside of the art world, enabling the significance of art research to be seen in the broader research ecology." Anonymous (2014)

"Intriguing art which treats its audience as intelligent participants." Anonymous (2014)

"Their navigation of arts practice across the sciences had continually avoided the crude clumsiness of crashing two cultures together in meaningless tokenism to create very bad art, instead their curatorial and producing enquires create delicate and fascinating processes of dialogue and making that result in complex, astonishing and remarkable outcomes, be they art works, events, discussions etc." Anonymous (2014)

"Culturally relevant, risk-taking exhibitions and events that take both art and science seriously, while always having fun." Anonymous (2014)
"Bringing together diverse communities with different perspectives on shared issues to advance knowledge and understanding. Facilitating collaboration between rigorous scientific research and creative practice is particularly ingenious - breaking down silos between disciplines, and between experts and publics is mind-expanding!" Anonymous (2014)

"Arts Catalyst brings to the fore the cultural issues surrounding science today, and future developments." Anonymous (2014)

Lab Easy

Image: Lab Easy DIYbio meet-up and Salon 3