A Conversation on Science in Contemporary Performance: Part 2

Your Last Breath, directed by Jack Lowe, 2011
Your Last Breath, directed by Jack Lowe, 2011

Across the synapse: A practical discussion and workshop about walking the genesis of an idea for a science/performance project through the creative/producorial steps to getting it in front of audiences.

An informal workshop and discussion for theatre practitioners, writers, scientists and artists who would like to discuss ideas of science in theatre practice. This discussion and workshop will be chaired by Jack Lowe, director of theatre company, Curious Directive, which believes 'that theatre can communicate scientific ideas like no other experience'.

Curious Directive
"By traversing theatre and science this troupe has pulled off something special", New Scientist
"Jack Lowe and his ensemble continue to fire imaginations and push boundaries", The Metro

This workshop follows A Conversation in Science and Contemporary Performance held on 19 September 2012 chaired by Vivienne Glance which a variety of theatre practitioners and scientists attended.  The conversation brought to light the array of diverse theatre practices that are engaging with science and the need to develop an informal meeting group to share ideas and methodologies around the mergence of these two disciplines.

Part 2 took a more practical step towards practitioners discussing/ dissecting ideas and the difficulties in producing ambitious theatre with a critical discourse in our relationship with science.