Deptford Market DNA FoodLab

LabEasy FoodLab DNA test at Deptford Market
LabEasy FoodLab DNA test at Deptford Market

Why amateur biology matters

Ellen Jorgensen’s biotech TED talk gives a great introduction to DIY Biology and why it matters

DIY Biology is a rapidly growing global movement whose aim is to democratise, demystify and widen participation in low-cost, hands-on biology - bringing it out of the laboratory and onto the kitchen table.

Manchester’s very own MadLab will be resident at Arts Catalyst getting their hands dirty with DIY biology. Pioneers of the DIY-bio movement, even the FBI is keeping an eye on them! If you're keen to find out what's in your food - and who wouldn't be after the horse meat burger news - come along and find us in Deptford Market and get testing food DNA.

All welcome – curious amateurs with no biology knowledge encouraged!

Deptford Market DNA FoodLab

“Get your extracted food DNA here, three for a pound and I can’t say fairer than that”. As the Lab Easy rolls to a close, we’ll be taking the show on the road with a visit to Deptford Market. Armed with a battery of ad-hoc biological tests, travel-ready DIY lab equipment and some tasty produce we’ll be bringing some wholesome Lab Easy flavours to the streets of South East London.

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