Dreamed Native Ancestry (DNA): artist in-conversation and performance

Dubmorpholgy and Aniruddha Das; photo by Aniruddha Das
Mission//Misplaced Memory in conversation at Arts Catalyst, November 2017

Artists' conversation and performance by Dubmorphology with special guest Aniruddha Das.

Join us for an in-conversation with Dreamed Native Ancestry (DNA) artists Gary Stewart and Zaynab Bunsie and curator Nicola Triscott. The artists will talk about the ideas underlying their ongoing collaboration Mission//Misplaced Memory and the current installation and project at Arts Catalyst which explores and collects traces of migrant culture wisdom in London in 2017.

The talk will be followed by a performance by Dubmorphology (sound and visual artists), who will take migrant memories, stories and wisdom and 'remix' these into futuristic sonic and visual projections. For this special event, Dubmorphology is joined by Aniruddha Das (a.k.a. Dr Das), co-founder of Asian Dub Foundation.

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Dreamed Native Ancestry (DNA) is an installation and programme critically addressing and re-thinking contemporary issues around race, migration, biopolitics and culture, through an Afrofuturist science fiction narrative and deep history perspective.
Mission//Misplaced Memory is a writetalklisten production with artists and experimental sonic musicians Gary Stewart and Trevor Mathison (Dubmorphology). It is a site-specific, Afrofuturist-inspired project that uses research, performance, sound and visual installation to explore the ways personal and collective memory shape one another.
Dubmorphology is an interdisciplinary artist and research group comprising Trevor Mathison, a founding member of Black Audio Film Collective, and Gary Stewart. Through experimental approaches to sound art, live cinema and installations Dubmorphology blurs the boundaries between the sonic, visual and performative. Responding directly to specific sites and buildings, their practice is distinguished by an ongoing investigation into the unique spaces emerging in museums, art galleries and public spaces formed by the shifting intersections between audiences, authorship and participation.
Aniruddha Das
Dr Das is an electronic musician and the bassist and co-founder of Asian Dub Foundation. As a producer and remixer, he engages in more experimental work, setting his emotive, heavy bass melodies against layers of distorted indian and arabic percussion. To date, he has released 4 solo albums: EMERGENCY BASSLINES (2006), PREPARING 4 WAR (2014), OUTSIDER DUB (2015), CAUSTIC (2017)