Endo Ecto

Endo Ecto, Phillip Warnell & Dr Simon Anderson, 2006
Endo Ecto, Phillip Warnell & Dr Simon Anderson, 2006

A two-part art event. Live capsule endoscopy by Phillip Warnell. Demonstration of bioluminescence by Anne-Sophie Cussatlegras

Guest + Host = Ghost, Dr Simon Anderson & Phillip Warnell

In a two-part performative demonstration, assisted by Dr Simon Anderson, artist Phillip Warnell underwent a live capsule endoscopy medical procedure, integrating projected visual material from his project, Host, which makes use of raw material gathered in this way. In part one, and following a period of preparatory fasting, Warnell ingested an untethered pill sized camera, which embarked on a fantastic voyage through the nine-metre gastro-intestinal tract. In part two, following a period of waiting while the capsule progressed via the bodies peristaltic muscular contractions and during which a number of speakers expanded on the themes in the performance, the camera’s radio transmissions were downloaded to a drive and viewed/interpreted by Gastroenterologist Simon Anderson through a unique software interface.

Bioluminescence, Anne-Sophie Cussatlegras

Bioluminescence researcher Anne-Sophie Cussatlegras will give a demonstration of bioluminescence and explain the incredible capability of certain organisms to produce light. Charting an array of techniques employed to achieve this, from symbiotic inter-subjective exchange mechanisms through to internally produced chemical reactions, Cussatlegras will go on to detail her own research into the inscription and measurement of marine bioluminescence; finally giving an extraordinary live demonstration of the organic light produced by single-cell marine dinoflagellates.

With talks and discussion by Ric Allsopp, Lisa Le Feuvre

Visual compoents coordinated by Richard Squires

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Phillip Warnell