Global Lunar Day

WE COLONISED THE MOON Lunar Exploitation Remonstration

An afternoon symposium investigating international cultural approaches to the Moon

Video of the talks is available on The Arts Catalyst YouTube channel

Global Lunar Day, symposium

The launch of India's Chandraayan-1 and the (projected) first soft landing on the moon since 1976 by the Chinese Space agency's Chang 'E-3 has shifted the global perspective on lunar exploration. What are the implications of the new wave of lunar missions by former developing countries? How does this affect the cultural perspective worldwide on the Moon and what does this mean to people who live in non-western countries? A panel of commentators from the science, engineering and art worlds give their opinions during the final weekend of The Arts Catalyst's Republic of the Moon exhibition.

Saturday 1 February, 2-5pm

Moderator: Dr Jill Stuart (Executive Editor of Space Policy)

  • Prof Bernard Foing (Executive Director, International Lunar Exploration Working Group)
  • Bijal (Bee) Thakore (engineer and member of Board of Directors, Planetary Society)
  • Dr Marek Kukula (Public Astronomer, Royal Observatory Greenwich)
  • Joanna Griffin (Artist, Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore, India and Transtechnology Research Group, Plymouth University, UK).
  • Q&As moderated by Jill Stuart


Republic of the Moon is a touring exhibition, commissioned by The Arts Catalyst with FACT. The first version of the exhibition was presented at FACT Liverpool in winter 2012. The exhibition and residency has been made possible with Grants for the Arts support from Arts Council England and Science & Technology Facilities Council.

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