Gravitation Off!

Photograph of Ewen Chardronnet floating with a sign which states "See You In Space".
Ewen Chardronnet, Gravitation Off, See You in Space, 2003.

Short film documenting the projects of the "flying laboratory"

This short film documents the projects of the "flying laboratory" organised by The Arts Catalyst with Projekt Atol Flight Operations on parabolic zero gravity flights from Star City, Russia, between 2000 and 2003 (with the MIR Consortium, 2003).

To date, more than 20 artists have created artistic work in zero gravity environments, mostly facilitated by The Arts Catalyst. In the bizarre world of parabolic flight, the total accumulated time of all these artists' experiences in zero gravity is only a few hours at most.

Artists, scientists and others featured:

  • Ansuman Biswas
  • Alexei Blinov
  • Matturin Bolze (Kitsou Dubois Company)
  • Anthony Bull (Imperial College)
  • Annick Bureaud (Olats)
  • Ewen Chardronnet
  • Richard Couzins (Otolith Group)
  • Sasha Dall
  • Kitsou Dubois
  • Kodwo Eshun (Otolith Group)
  • Jem Finer
  • Vadim Fishkin
  • Kevin Fong (CASE, UCL)
  • Rebecca Forth (CASE, UCL)
  • Stefan Gec
  • Eddie George (Flow Motion)
  • Emma Jane Kirby
  • Andrew Kotting
  • Yuri Leiderman
  • Roger Malina (Leonardo)
  • Trevor Mattison (Flow Motion)
  • Susan McKenna-Lawlor
  • Jorg Muller (Kitsou Dubois Company)
  • Laura Nercy (Kitsou Dubois Company)
  • Marko Peljhan (Projekt Atol)
  • Anna Piva (Flow Motion)
  • Saso Podoresk
  • Marcelli Antunez Roca
  • Mikhail Ryklin
  • Anjalika Sagar (Otolith Group)
  • Mike Stubbs
  • Nicola Triscott (The Arts Catalyst)
  • Andrey & Julia Velikanov
  • Chris Welch
  • Morag Wightman
  • Louise K Wilson
  • Dragan Zivadinov
  • Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre Zero-G team

Edited by Rob La Frenais, Ewen Chardronnet and Rejeis Descoublet.

Commissioned for the 4th Art Outsiders Festival – space art exhibition, 1 Oct - 9 Nov 2003, Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris France

Also available, the publication Zero Gravity: A Cultural User's Guide, an Arts Catalyst publication surveying The Arts Catalyst's pioneering zero gravity projects. Essays by Eduardo Kac, Marina Benjamin, Rob La Frenais. Edited by Nicola Triscott & Rob La Frenais.