Infrastructures of Contested Ecologies, Evening Workshop led by Dr. Eray Çaylı

A sand quarry on the Tigris riverbank near central Amed; Image courtesy Eray Çaylı

Ecological disasters have effects that are socio-politically and geographically uneven. This unevenness reveals that infrastructures—both those originating from violent histories and those serving ongoing injustice through the regulation of material and spatial access, use and circulation—are neither neutral nor rational entities.

What is the role of expertise within this context? How can it stop serving the infliction of political and environmental violence through infrastructures such as dams, and be appropriated radically, thus benefiting grassroots activism and advocacy?
Join us for an evening workshop led by Dr. Eray Çaylı (  seeks to investigate these complex issues. 
Artists, academics, activists, architects are invited to take part in the workshop and bring along an image through which to engage in a debate around the political and environmental meaning of infrastructures, and proposes the following as preparatory reading material:
This workshop is free but booking is essential*
Eray Çaylı, PhD (UCL, 2015), studies the material and spatial legacies of political violence in Turkey anthropologically. His current research concerns the ways in which these legacies shape and are shaped by contemporary imaginaries of disaster and resilience. Eray is Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow at LSE (2018-21) where he also teaches the postgraduate course “Imaging Violence, Imagining Europe.” He is currently completing a monograph titled The Violence of Commemoration: Turkey’s Architecture of “Confronting the Past”, guest-editing a special journal issue themed “Field as Archive / Archive as Field,” and co-editing the volume Architectures of Emergency in Turkey: Heritage, Displacement, Catastrophe. Eray is a co-founder of Amed Urban Workshop, an independent academy for critical spatial research based in Diyarbakır, where he will also undertake a residency at the artist-run space Loading in summer 2019. For further information and a complete list of publications visitÇaylı
*As places are very limited, we kindly ask you to please refrain from booking unless you are able to attend the event.