The Insect Project

A pupil dressed as an insect.
Sally Hampson, Insect Project.

Inspired by the ideas in Jan Fabre's A Consilience, Year 9 students (13 & 14 year olds) at Waveney School, Tonbridge, and Haggerston School, Hackney explored the fascinating world of the insect in a project led by artist Sally Hampson.

Over a four week period in January and February 2000, the students examined insects and other 'creepy crawlies' through science workshops, art projects led by artist Sally Hampson, movement workshops on insect behaviour with choreographer Karen Lowe, and a visit to the Natural History Museum in London.

At the museum, the students saw Fabre's video installation, attended seminars from entomologists Gaden Henderson and Linda Pitkin and studied extraordinary specimens from the museum's collections.
Their work culminated in exquisite insect models, striking costumes, self-choreographed movement pieces, project books and an eight minute video.