International residency | Grace Ndiritu: Black Beauty

Image: Martin Gusinde: The Lost Tribes of Tierra del Fuego, early 20th century rephotographed by Grace Ndiritu in 2014

As part of the British Council's H20 seed funding programme, Arts Catalyst has been selected to initiate an artistic residency in Argentina in 2020.

Arts Catalyst is working with British artist Grace Ndiritu in the context of her new project Black Beauty, an investigation into deep migration, climate change and genetics in Tierra Del Fuego, the most southern part of South America. Thanks to the funding Ndiritu will embark on a research residency between February and March 2020 across multiple sites in Argentina, where she is forming collaborations with scientists and anthropologists.
Arts Catalyst is committed to supporting artists through at least one international residency annually, building on our work with a planetary focus and growing our art and science connections internationally. Grace's residency in Buenos Aires is being supported by cheLA, a contemporary cultural centre and international residency space.
Grace Ndiritu is a British-Kenyan artist whose artworks are connected with the transformation of our contemporary world, including the impact of globalisation and environmental justice, through her films, photography, paintings and social practice projects such as The Ark: Center for Interdisciplinary Experimentation; COVERSLUT© fashion and economic project and Healing The Museum series of shamanic performances in art spaces around the world.