Interspecies, Manchester - Symposia, Talks, Workshops

Photograph of girl wearing a headset emitting mild electrical impulses.
Antony Hall, Interspecies, Enki Experiment 4, 2009.
Man holds eagle used to document the moving public on the ground
Ruth Maclennan, Eagle, 2007, 2nd Artists Airshow.
A gallery showing three taxidermied pigeons presented on plinths and a projection of a film.
Beatriz da Costa, Interspecies, PigeonBlog, 2008
Primat makes signals to Bonobo monkeys.
Nicolas Primat, Interspecies, Demo Bonobo, 2009.

Can artists work with animals as equals? The Interspecies exhibition questions the sovereignty of the human species over the all other animal species. 

Kira O'Reilly presented an action/installed performance featuring herself and a sleeping female pig. Nicolas Primat's video installation explores how the animals' ‘natural’ communication skills can be extended into the realm of human/ape creative collaboration. Antony Hall encouraged the public to directly communicate with live electric fish in the gallery space, through mild electrical impulses. The Department of Eagles (Ruth Maclennan)'s work examined communications between falconers and falcons. Rachel Mayeri's Primate Cinema casts human actors in the roles of mating non-human primates, while Beatriz Da Costa's PigeonBlog investigated the military use of homing pigeons.

A series of talks and debates between the artists, writers, scientists and animal welfare experts accompanied the exhibition.

ESOL Exhibition Tour: This gallery tour of Interspecies provides an introduction to the artists and works on show with a discussion on the issues involved in the exhibition.

Artists' Open Forum: Antony Hall, Ruth Maclennan, Rachel Mayeri and Beatriz Da Costa: A two hour drop-in opportunity to meet the artists and discover more about the ideas behind Interspecies.

Artist's Talk: Kira O'Reilly in Conversation: Artist Kira O'Reilly and curator Rob La Frenais discuss Kira's exhibition piece in relation to her work on sleep and dream research with humans and pigs.

Workshop: Primate Cinema - How to Act Like an Animal Performance workshops led by Interspecies artist Rachel Mayeri, exploring how primates communicate, primatology and discussing animal behaviour in the wild and in cinema.

BSL Interpreted Exhibition Tour led by artist Andrew Bracey, BSL interpreted by Siobhan Rocks.

Open Forum: Animals in Art As Animal Studies continues to grow as a focal point of academic enquiry, this forum opens up discussion around the question of animals in art and delve deeper into the underlying concepts of Interspecies.

Interspecies Exhibition Tour: An informal tour of our current exhibition Interspecies.

Artist's Talk: Antony Hall An opportunity to hear artist Antony Hall discuss his Interspecies project in which he experiments with cross-species communication; allowing exhibition visitors and electric fish to communicate on the same level but avoiding the use of language.

Viva: and Interspecies present: How to Kill a Lobster: Capitalising on Non-Human Animal Slaughter  As artists continue to consider ethics in relation to the role of animals within their work, this talk explored the increasing presence of animals in theatre and performance art, addressing issues such as activism, reality and animal representation.

Exhibition supported by:

Arts Council England, Darwin 200