KOSMICA Liverpool

Two females dressed in white stand in the Moon Life Concept Store. The room is painted white and contains a table which holds many objects
Alicia Framis, Kosmica, Moon Life Concept Store 2010
A glamourous woman stands atop a spacecraft dressed in a sixties-style astronautical suit.
Ulrike Kubatta, She Should Have Gone To The Moon, Kosmica, Liverpool, 2010.

The Arts Catalyst bring the popular Kosmica event series to Liverpool to coincide with the exhibition Republic of the Moon.

Each KOSMICA session is unique: bringing together the cosmically curious and culturally quirky space community for a social mix of art–space programmes - a film screening, performance or live concert with a short presentation, talk and debate about alternative and cultural uses of space. 

KOSMICA is programmed by Nahum Mantra, Sue Corke (UK) and Hagen Betzwieser (Germany) of Republic of the Moon exhibitors WE COLONISED THE MOON, and will focus on Women in Space.

The all-female-up includes presentations by Dr Iya Whiteley, Space Psychologist (IACE Ltd, Director; UCL Centre for Space Medicine Consultant), Hilde de Bruijn of the Moon Life Foundation, Bee Thakore of the Planetary Society and Ulrike Kubatta whose film She Should Have Gone To The Moon, a unique documentary portrait of the American pilot Jerri Truhill, will be screened.

KOSMICA: Dr. Iya Whiteley


KOSMICA: Hilde de Bruijn

The Moon Life Foundation is a project initiated by visual artist Alicia Framis. It is a critical interdisciplinary platform giving way for a revolution in cross disciplinary thinking about art, architecture and design in order to imagine and create a new life environment. Moon Life Foundation aims to find new ways of thinking about Earthly problems and expand our thinking beyond existing modes and values such as recycling and re-enactments, its activities include the Moon Life Concept Store, the first shop on Earth with products for life on the Moon, developed by artists, designers and architects at the Moon Academy. 

KOSMICA: Bee Thakore



KOSMICA: Ulrike Kubatta

Ulrike Kubatta will introduce her film She Should Have Gone To The Moon and will talk about the process of making it.  The film documents Jerri Truhill's remarkable story of as a wife, mother and aviator, and her part in Mercury 13 to become one of the first women to be trained by NASA to go into space.  The film is about Jerri Truhill's ambition to conquer the unknown and the Kubatta's fascination with a woman who dared to break down all barriers in aviation.  Set against the historical background of the Space Race, the documentary both constructs an intimate portrait of Truhill and explores a unique chapter in American culture and society. 

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KOSMICA is endorsed by ITACCUS, the International Astronautical Federation's Committee on the Cultural Utilisation of Space.

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