KOSMICA March 2011

Agnes sits in a silver space suit, on a dark shore, surrounded by the Moon Geese.
Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Moon Geese Experiment, Kosmica March 2011.
Enter At Own Risk (Prototypes & Experiments), 2011, WE COLONISED THE MOON

A monthly series of social galactic gatherings to bring together those interested in sharing cultural ideas about space

Every KOSMICA session will be unique: bringing together the cosmically curious and culturally quirky space community. Monthly KOSMICA evenings will bring together a social mix of art–space programmes - a film screening, performance or live concert with a short presentation, talk and debate about alternative and cultural uses of space.

Agnes Meyer-Brandis whose lecture performance deals with art, science and weightlessness. Her starting point is an artistic project conducted under weightless conditions, entitled Cloud-Core-Scanner, involving a microgravity-generating flying manoeuvre carried out in collaboration with the DLR (German Aerospace Centre) in which she explores the boundaries separating fact and fiction, fantasy and technology.

We Colonised the Moon (Hagen Betzwieser and Sue Corke) explores an idiosyncratic world view based on popular science, flexible wikipedia knowledge, graphical illustrations and various display formates. Hagen Betzwieser will talk about his experience in The Institute of General Theory and Sue Corke will describe their projects Moon Scratch and Sniff and Lost in Space.

And a one-to-one performative encounter, Tinned Fingers take you into space. A short encounter for audience members (one at a time) that combines film, music and performance to give an experience of space travel in DIY style.


The series is programmed by Nahum Mantra.

KOSMICA is endorsed by ITACCUS, the International Astronautical Federation's Committee on the Cultural Utilisation of Space.