KOSMICA Mexico 2014

Kosmica Mexico, photo Manuel Diaz, 2014
Kosmica Mexico, photo Manuel Diaz, 2014
Kosmica Mexico 2014 logo
Kosmica Mexico 2014 logo

KOSMICA is an international festival for earth-bound artists, space engineers, performers, astronomers, musicians and anyone interested in space


KOSMICA returns for the third time to Mexico from 18 to 21 November 2014 at the Center for Digital Culture, Laboratorio Arte Alameda and Multimedia Center of the National Arts Centre.
Artists, scientists, performers, scholars, space explorers, workshop leaders and musicians from Mexico, UK, France, Canada and USA among others, to explore the cultural and artistic aspects of space exploration, and topics including the history of alcohol in space, sex in zero gravity, and nostalgia for the Earth.
This festival is managed by the artist Nahum Mantra in association with The Arts Catalyst (London) and with support from the National Council for Culture and Arts and the National Institute of Fine Arts.
Planet Earth/Unknown Direction, November 18, Centro de Cultura Digital.
A Brief History of Alcohol in Outer Space, November 19, Centro de Cultura Digital.
Humans Phone Home, November 20, Laboratorio Arte Alameda.
After Barbarella, November 21, Laboratorio Arte Alameda.