KOSMICA Paris 2013

Illustrated image of an astronaut floating in space.
Kosmica, Paris, March 2012.

Une réunion galactique pour les esprits à la curiosité cosmique

For the second time, we take our galactic gathering to Paris, bringing together those interested in sharing cultural ideas about space.

KOSMICA is an international series of galactic gatherings for earth-bound artists, space engineers, performers, astronomers, musicians and anyone interested in exploring and sharing space in original ways.

On this occasion the programme focused on the work by different members of ITACCUS, a technical committee for the cultural utilisations of space within the IAF.

Richard Clar

New media interdisciplinary artist, founded Art Technologies in 1987 as a liaison between the worlds of art and technology. His philosophically-oriented artwork turned towards art-in-space in 1982 with a NASA-approved art payload for the U.S. Space Shuttle. Richard Clar's current work encompasses site-specific environmental issues ranging from orbital debris to water-management on Earth; war and peace; and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).  www.arttechnologies.com

Daniela de Paulis

Daniela de Paulis is a visual artist and lecturer living and working between Italy and The Netherlands. Since October 2009 she has been artist in residence at Dwingeloo radio telescope (NL) where she developed, together with the CAMRAS and ASTRON team, a technology called Visual Moonbounce, which allows sending images to the Moon and back as radio signals. Since 2010 she has been collaborating with the international collective Astronomers Without Borders (AWB), as the Project Chair for the AstroArt programme. www.danieladepaulis.com

Roger Malina

ITACCUS co-chair, astronomer, editor and Distinguished Professor of Art and Technology at the University of Texas, where he is developing Art-Science R and D and Experimental publishing research. Malina is the former Director of the Observatoire Astronomique de Marseille Provence and his speciality is in space instrumentation; he was the Principal Investigator for the NASA Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer Satellite at the University of California, Berkeley. He also has been involved for 25 years with the Leonardo organisation whose mission is to promote and make visible work that explores the interaction of the arts and sciences and the arts and new technologies. http://malina.diatrope.com

Rob La Frenais

Curator of The Arts Catalyst since 1997 who has curated and produced interdisciplinary and visual art projects since 1987. Before joining The Arts Catalyst, he was a freelance curator and organiser working in a European context in various countries. In 2012 he curated the exhibition Republic of the Moon, which challenged utilitarian plans of lunar mines and military bases with artists’ imaginings and interventions.


The KOSMICA series is curated by Nahum Mantra and The Arts Catalyst, and is endorsed by ITACCUS, the International Astronautical Federation's Committee on the Cultural Utilisation of Space. This event occurs before the annual ITACCUS meeting at the International Astronautical Federation (IAF), a worldwide federation of organisations active in space.