Local Time 2020 ce

Local Time 2020 ce is a programme of conversations and fieldwork that explores the ways in which species, technologies and geographies generate and embody diverse relationships with time. It forms part of the research for the ongoing project The Habitat of Time curated by Julie Louise Bacon. The events will be shared through a series of edited podcasts and visual traces.

The programme connects The Habitat of Time exhibition and curatorial residency with the extended network of artists and theorists involved with the project research. While the clock-time concept of the local was standardised  in the 19th century to serve industrialisation, the programme focuses on the multiple and vital forms of time that are embedded in the local in our networked age.

What happens when we turn away from global regimes of acceleration, hyper-production and exhaustion? How do connections between human and more-than-human temporalities generate new ways of living locally and thinking collectively? How is the local networked and planetary? 

The programme stems from an ongoing process of dialogue and collaboration, including a collective performance and publishing work presented in Artspace, Sydney in 2017.

Lucy Bleach, participating artist The Habitat of Time (Hobart)
James Geurts, participating artist The Habitat of Time (Melbourne)
Derrick de Kerckhove (Vico Equense, Campania)
Saoirse Higgins (Papa Westray/Dublin)
Rita Castro Neves (Porto)
Helen Sharp (Crom, County Fermanagh)