Nahum – Voyage: An encounter with a Neutrino (A Hypnosis Performance)


The neutrino is among the elusive of particles, a subatomic wisp so ephemeral it zips through the planet rarely leaving a trace. Despite its extraordinary abundance - billions pass through your body every second - this ghostly particle is notoriously difficult to detect.

Voyage: An encounter with a neutrino is a project by artist Nahum that explores the possibility of having a personal, intimate encounter with a fundamental particle, and sensing your deep connection to our planet, our Sun, and to the solar system in which we live, achieving something that physicists build vast underground detectors to realise. 
KOSMICA: Ethereal Things accompanies Fiona Crisp’s exhibition Material Sight. It is a partnership between Arts Catalyst, the KOSMICA Institute, Fiona Crisp (Northumbria University), and NGCA, supported by Durham University and Boulby Underground Laboratory. 
For this project we gratefully acknowledge the funding support of the UK's Science and Technology Facilities Council.