Navigators in the Playground of Possibility

The third in a series of Science on Stage workshops, director Ruth Ben Tovim led this week-long workshop at Jackson's Lane


Do changing perceptions of how the universe is shaped affect our relationship to the world? Does the purported death of the grande narrative, render conventional story-telling forms meaningless to contemporary audiences?
These were questions addressed by this week of workshops involving scientists and theatre artists, organised by Arts Catalyst and Louder than Words Productions.
Chaos theorist Paul Redfern and cosmologist Pedro Ferreira from Imperial College discussed their search for philosophical answers as well as purely empirical solutions, offering through their work a vocabulary of ideas and terminology to stimular the artist's imagination: strange attractors, absent presences, curved space and fault-lines called 'strings' across the universe.
Louder Than Words' Ruth Ben Tovim led the week with the aim of drawing on the structures of scientific theories to make theatre, rather than trying to convey the content of science. Navigators prompted an investigation into non-linear narratives. 
Although the work produced at the end of the week deliberately left content out, by the end of the week participants realised that there was a desire for the narrative of science as well as structure.