Sarah Jane Pell

Dr. Sarah Jane Pell is an independent artist, commercial diver, explorer and researcher. She aspires to be amongst the first generation of artists to work in outer space. Her pioneering practice seeks to embody, and critique, the culture of exploration and redefine our visions of future worlds from sea, to summit, to space. She performs expressively and builds novel prototype apparatus to test and communicate from the field. Artifacts include sculptural, technical, poetic and media events. Her work promotes physical conditioning, creative visualisation and communication.

Dr. Pell is the first artist to graduate from the International Space University and Singularity University, she was awarded Best PhD Art & Science by Leonardo AS, MIT 2007. She is an experienced occupational diver, aquatic performer and art-science collaborator. She is currently Co-Chair of the European Space Agency (ESA) Topical Team Arts & Science, Senior Space Art Consultant to Icarus Interstellar, RMIT Visiting Fellow and TED Fellow. She is working on Bending Horizons 2015-2017: documenting her own expression during extreme art adventures in space analogue environments undersea, at altitude and in microgravity. She aims to contribute new knowledge on human behaviours, biosensory media and communication design for extreme performance.

Back in 2008 she contributed to Arts Catalyst's Less Remote: The Futures of Space Exploration, a seminar at the 59th International Astronautical Congress in Glasgow, where artists, thinkers and writers met to discuss the future of space exploration.