Rachel O'Reilly

Rachel O’Reilly is a poet, critic, independent curator and researcher whose work explores relationships between art and situated cultural practice, media and psychoanalysis, aesthetic philosophy and political economy.

From 2004-08 she was a curator of film, video and new media at the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, including the Fifth Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art. She has a background in comparative literature, and a Master (Cum Laude) in Media and Culture from the University of Amsterdam, with a thesis that theorised videographic crisis genres as post-fordist commodities, symptomatic of art’s own neoliberal transition.

INFRACTIONS, commissioned by KW, Berlin, and supported by the Australia Council and ICA London, is an artistic documentary work by O’Reilly turning up to Indigenous cultural workers’ investments on the frontline of the latest plans to ‘develop the North’, threatening ancient songlines and groundwater.