Nuclear Energy and the Commons – A Workshop

Sabu Kohso in conversation. Photo taken during Nuclear Energy and the Commons - Workshop
Nicola Triscott in conversation. Photo taken during Nuclear Energy and the Commons - A Workshop
Yumi Song in conversation. Photo taken during Nuclear Energy and the Commons - A Workshop.
Workshop Participants from Nuclear Energy and the Commons

Sabu Kohso, political and social critic, scholar and activist, and Arts Catalyst’s artistic director and founder, Nicola Triscott, lead this workshop examining nuclear waste as an ultimate form of “negative commons”, discussing this in relation to the planetary commons and nuclear capitalism. Questions explored included: In what way can radioactive waste be understood as a commons displaced from its proper place? What is the uneven impact of that waste on communities? How has nuclear capitalism endured in Japan after such an expansive disaster? How has the image of a “safe Fukushima” been fabricated? How can such forces be questioned, contested and opposed?

Researchers, students, artists and activists with interests in the politics and social context of nuclear energy or the management of the commons were invited to join the workshop.

Reading of interest

Mutation of the Triad: Totalitarianism, Fascism, and Nationalism in Japan, Sabu Kohso, eflux, 2014
The Global Nuclear Regime, Sabu Kohso, The Indypendent, 2011
Radiation and Revolution, Sabu Kohso, borderlands, 2012

Workshop leaders

Sabu Kohso is a political and social critic, translator, scholar, and a long-time activist in the global and anti-capitalist struggle. A native of Okayama, Japan, Sabu has lived in New York City since 1980. He has published several books on urban space and struggle in Japan and Korea, and has translated books by Kojin Karatani and David Graeber. He has written extensively on the Fukushima disaster from the perspective of global anticapitalist struggles.

Nicola Triscott is a cultural producer, curator and writer, specialising in the intersections between art, science, technology and society. She is the founder and Director of Arts Catalyst, for which she has curated many exhibitions and events. Nicola lectures and publishes internationally, including books on art and technology in the Arctic, art and space, and ecological art. She blogs at on the critical inter-relationships between the arts, humanities and our technoscientific society.