Assembly: Reading Group, Fluviocentric Practices for Sensing Rivers, led by Maja and Reuben Fowkes (

József R. Juhász, Human Flood Level Indicator, 2013
Cecylia Malik, Critical Water Mass (2014)

As part of Test Sites: Assembly, Arts Catalyst invites you to take part to the first of a series of reading groups led by curators, anthropologists and researchers that address a number of issues related through the planetary commons, including infrastructures, the relation between the human and the non-human and contemporary ecological thinking.

During a collective reading session, Maja and Reuben Fowkes propose an Experimental Reading Room looking at texts and artworks that explore sensual approaches to the river to connect with its non-human agency, histories and ecologies. Readings include texts from Michel Serres, Patrick Leigh Fermor, Paul Stoller and David Abram.
To find out more about the issues that we will discuss through a selection of texts, we recommend reading Maja and Reuben Fowkes, The Primeval Cosmic River and its Ecological Realities: On the curatorial project Danube River School (2013-2015), Geohumanities vol.2 no.2 (November 2016)
Booking is free but places are restricted so please let us know if you become unable to attend. Book here.
Dr. Maja Fowkes and Dr. Reuben Fowkes are art historians, curators and co-directors of the Translocal Institute for Contemporary Art, an independent research centre focussing on the art history of Central Europe and contemporary ecological practices. Their curatorial projects include the Anthropocene Experimental Reading Room, the Danube River School, the conference on Vegetal Mediations, as well as the exhibition Walking without Footprints. Recent and forthcoming publications include Maja Fowkes’s The Green Bloc: Neo-Avant- Garde and Ecology under Socialism, a book on Central and Eastern European Art Since 1950, as well as numerous chapters and journal articles on topics such as performative re-enactments, de-schooling the art curriculum and the ecological entanglements of deviant democracy. Reuben Fowkes is an editor of Third Text and the are regular contributors to magazines and artist publications. They have given numerous guest lectures and conference papers and are founding members of the Environmental Arts and Humanities Initiative at Central European University. Website: