Seaclipse: Sharing a Shadow

A woman wearing darkened sunglasses to watch the solar eclipse.
Anne Bean, Seaclipse, Atomic, 1999.

A video record of the experience of 38 participants who ventured into the middle of the English Channel to encounter the solar eclipse of August 11, 1999.


Artist Anne Bean and cosmologist and writer Marcus Chown recruited individuals from a wide range of educational and cultural backgrounds, to venture out on boats to experience the sensations of the August 1999 UK total solar eclipse directly, and to chronicle their personal experiences. Included among those invited were teenagers from Tower Hamlets Summer University and from the RNIB's New College in Worcester.


Anne Bean
Nick Booth
Martin Burton
Paul Burwell
Anastasia Calder
Karen Chilver
Marcus Chown
David Cunningham
Robert Dale
Swarup Dasgupta
Elisabeth Geake
Ella Gibbs
Judith Goddard
Karen Gunnell
Mary Hoang
Ishmael Ibrahim
Jude James
Fatima Khatun
Rob La Frenais
Roz Lowrie
Elizabeth Lynch
Steve Minett
Ben Moat
Hayley Newman
Oliver Niner
Judith Palmer
Fahima Rasheed
Janet Pettman
Ezra Rubenstein
Saqib Shaikh
Nicola Triscott


The exhibition Seaclipse incorporated the Seaclipse video photographs and lightbox work recording the solar eclipse.