Off-site workshop: a look into the components that make what we call “cultivation”, organised by Åsa Sonjasdotter and Rokiah Yaman

Image courtesy Åsa Sonjasdotter
Image courtesy Åsa Sonjasdotter

Welcome to a workshop exploring the components that make what we call ”cultivation”; that is, the co-workings of humans, plants, soil and other vibrant matter that make liveable life. 

The workshop brings together the knowledge of Rokiah Yaman – an expert on anaerobic and further composting and soil preparation – with the practice of Åsa Sonjasdotter, a visual artist and plant breeder. This event forms part of the programme for Test Sites: Assembly.
As it is the time of the year for sowing, we will gather around plantation of seeds as a way to approach the questions unearthed during the workshop.
If you would like, please bring with you: 
  • Any seeds you wish to plant and that could perhaps be shared amongst the group
  • Small containers that you can plant seedlings in. For example, this could be a cut off milk container or similar reusable small food containers. 
  • Compost or soil, so that we can learn by comparing soils and composts.

This workshop is free to attend, but you'll need to book a place here.*

Åsa Sonjasdotter
With a particular interest in questions emerging from the practice of plant breeding, Åsa Sonjasdotter engages in processes of co-species knowledge, memory, loss and prospect through the cultivation of plants, imagery and stories. Sonjasdotter’s work has been presented in numerous art, science, and peasant contexts. For further information visit:
Rokiah Yaman
Rokiah is the Calthorpe Living Lab coordinator at the Calthorpe Project. She oversees the construction and operation of the various elements of the closed-loop model being demonstrated including the anaerobic digester, vermifilter, and hydroponics systems. She will also be devising a training programme so people can learn practical skills and gain a theoretical understanding of the circular approach to managing organic resources in the city.
*Please do let us know in advance if you've booked but become unable to attend as places are limited.