Strategies for Survival: King's Cross Gas Workshop, led by Tom James

Image courtesy Tom James

What will the people of Kings Cross do once the future starts to unravel? Once the sea levels rise, the economy collapses, and Russia turns off the gas - how will they live? Where will they work? How will they make a cup of tea?

In this workshop, artist Tom James will help local residents in King’s Cross to learn how to collectively make their own gas, while turning Arts Catalyst’s centre into a temporary, low-tech, off-grid gas works.
The workshop unravels narratives at the crossroad of the past and future of King’s Cross, encompassing on the one hand its history as a coal dropping site, marked by its iconic gas holders now turned into luxury flats, and on the other its possible future as a site for energy production in a collapsing, post-climate change scenario.
Informed by existing experimental practices with bottom-up infrastructures at Camley Street Natural Park and Calthorpe Project, during the workshop Tom James will share real skills with real people, and at the same time create a space for conversation about what climate change means, and what we can and should do about it.
This workshop is free and open to all but booking is essential.
Tom James is a writer and artist who creates projects and publications that aim to change the way people think about the structures, places and ideas around them. Over the last four years, this has mainly involved trying to prepare people better for the bitter, barren future we’re creating for our children. Tom’s work has been featured across the national press, and his fanzine project, GO, is part of the permanent collection of the V&A.
Tom is also part of Spacemakers, a utopian regeneration agency that tries to use urban regeneration as a means for good instead of evil.