SymbioticA BioArt Workshop & Symposium, London

Gary Cass, SymbioticA, and architect Sana Murrani in the Biotech Art Workshop; 2005
Oron Catts & Gary Cass, SymbioticA, Biotech Art Workshop London, 2005.

Oron Catts and Gary Cass from SymbioticA lead an intensive 5 day workshop for artists in using biological technologies and examining issues of biotechnology and genomics

Workshop: Mon 28th March - Fri 1st April 2005Symposium: Saturday 2nd April 2005Contemporary developments in life sciences are having a profound effect on society, its values, belief systems and treatments of individuals, groups and the environment. The interaction of art, science, industry and society is increasingly recognised as an essential avenue for innovation and invention, and as a way to explore, envision and critique possible futures.Continuing its interest in artists' practical and political engagement with biotechnology, The Arts Catalyst organised an intensive 5 day workshop for artists, led by artist Oron Catts and Gary Cass of SymbioticA: The Art & Science Collaborative Studio, School of Anatomy & Human Biology, The University of Western Australia.The workshop was a practical exploration of biological technologies and issues stemming from their use, serving as a theoretical and practical introduction to the creation of biotech art and aimed at educating artists from the UK and Europe in issues of biotechnology and genomics. The workshop taught hands-on engagement with these technologies to enable artists to carry out and critique manipulation of living systems from an informed practical perspective. The practical components included DNA extraction and fingerprinting, genetic engineering, selective breeding, plant and animal tissue culture and basic tissue engineering techniques.The workshop presented work of contemporary artists dealing with biotechnology. Scientists were also involved, discussing ethical issues raised by artists' work in this area and enabling fieldtrips to laboratories. At the end of the week, ideas explored in the workshop were opened out in a public discussion event.Participating artists:Franko BBrandon BallengeeHeather BarnettAnne Bean Jenny Boulboulle Laura CintiWim DelvoyeTony DunneJu GoslingSimon GouldAndy GracieAntony Hall Jens Hauser Verena KaminarzJose Eugenio MarchesiSana MurraniJane ProphetPaula RoushJill ScottHege Tapio