Uncontrolled Hermetic

Neal White, Uncontrolled Hermetic, 2002/3

An installation by Neal White, commissioned for the CleanRooms exhibition

Uncontrolled Hermetic remodelled the activities and methods of the controlled areas or clean rooms used by scientists and manufacturers to conduct experiments and build specialist equipment. The visitor fulfilled the final part of this system, as the contaminating or contaminated body, the weakest link in the ultraclean technology chain: a human being. The installation featured a single life-size human figure 'bagged' in a bunny suit made of felt. The figure stands outside a clean room, which houses a Victorian drawing machine that makes self-generated drawings.

Neal White's work has engaged with the methods, structures, systems and agendas relating to scientific and technological development. He became interested in clean rooms whilst working on recent projects in genetics and pharmaceutical laboratories in the UK at the Human Genome Mapping Project and Pfizer Research and during a research visit to space laboratories in Marseille, France UK Presentations.