Workshop: Molecular Fizz and the Politics of Fizzy Drinks, led by Company Drinks (family friendly)

Image courtesy Company Drinks

As part of Test Sites: Assembly, Company Drinks temporarily moves its headquarter from Barking to King’s Cross to lead Molecular Fizz and the Politics of Fizzy Drinks, a workshop addressed to artists, students and young people.

Taking the sourcing of ingredients and local production as a starting point, the workshop aims to help deconstruct and understand the making process of fizzy drinks.
Molecular Fizz is a first step exercise that starts with taste training and ends with branding. In between we’ll talk about sugar levels, local ingredients and how to make your own drink.
The workshop is family friendly.*
This workshop is free to attend, but you'll need to book a place here.**
Company Drinks is an arts project and community drinks enterprise that links east London’s history of “going picking” with a full drinks production cycle: from picking to bottling, branding to trading and reinvesting. The enterprise is based in the Greater London Borough of Barking and Dagenham from where a year-round borough wide and inter-generational public programme is run. Their drinks are made with fruit, flowers and herbs picked by local residents. 
So far  more than 36,000 people across London have engaged with their activities: over 2400 Barking and Dagenham residents of all ages came to picking trips and walks, more than 1000 young people have been involved in making and mixing drinks and more than 30 monthly Hopping Afternoons for former hop-pickers have taken place as well as 120+ weekly volunteer sessions at Park Centre. 
Have a look at the Company Drinks Book outlining the project’s wider ambitions, a short documentary of our first Hopping Trip, the Drinks Brochures for each season and the 2016 Foreign Pickers film.
Company Drinks wants to become a solid example of how to combine local heritage (‘going picking’ and the area’s agricultural and industrial past) with local resources (spare fruit, growing spaces), local skills (recipe ideas, specialist and localised knowledge, drinks production) and a local economy.
Company: Movements, Deals and Drinks was set up by international arts collective Myvillages in May 2014 with the help of the Create Art Award. Company Drinks registered as a Community Interest Company in June 2015.
*suggested age 14+
**Please do let us know in advance if you've booked but become unable to attend as places are limited.